The Private Capital Group (PCG) of Tampa,
FL and Corporate Sales Leads (CSL) Concludes Agreement to Acquire Direct Search of the US (DSUS) Assets Supporting Expansion of Geographic, Vertical Industry and Service Offerings

TAMPA, FL., May 17, 2004 – “The Private Capital Group (PCG) of Tampa and Corporate Sales Leads (, the worlds largest provider of Corporate Employee Phone Directories, announced today it has completed the acquisition of certain assets and operations from (DSUS) a Hollywood Florida based provider of corporate employee phone directories and sales lead information. The assets acquired include certain personnel, client relationships and contracts, intellectual property, and certain tangible assets. 

The acquisition enables Corporate Sales Leads (CSL) to provide a broader suite of services including access to over 15 Billion pieces of information used by sales people, stock brokers and recruiters worldwide to the Corporate Sales Leads clients, and the marketplace in general.

“The Private Capital Group (PCG) of Tampa has a tremendous history of delivering high quality products and service solutions to Global 1000 and emerging growth companies in a variety of industry segments such as Financial Services, Staffing and Recruiting Companies said Mike Wilson, Managing Director of Corporate Sales Leads. 

“Its commitment to client satisfaction is very congruent with the Corporate Sales Leads core values. Our joint service offerings expanding the availability of critical sales lead information and database search services, our functional competencies, our technical capabilities and our vertical market expertise make for a compelling value proposition to our clients.” 

Mike Wilson, Managing Director, said, “Our technology focus, expanded service offerings, and commitment to client satisfaction will be of significant benefit to our clients and our partners.”

The organization leverages its mutual strengths to deliver solutions in the areas of:

  • Corporate Employee Phone Directories
  • State of the art computer system
  • Comprehensive database consisting of over 15 billion pieces of information.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Excellent Customer Service

Our company was developed to cater to executive recruiters, stock brokers, and sales people who need to find the right people for the job and need detailed and accurate information about the talent available in today's market. Stock brokers find this information invaluable, as they are constantly seeking new clients, 401-K rollover opportunities and successful people to assist with there long term financial planning objectives. CSL provides the most detailed and complete lists available anywhere.

With this asset acquisition we have the breadth of services, geographic scale and critical mass to be a compelling alternative to the few small and fragmented part time or one person type competitors working from their apartments or coffee shops, selling old out dated information and charging 2 to 3 times our fixed pricing. CSL is a full time an committed business with tremendous resources, management, technology and systems. (CSL) having been in business for 9 years has an outstanding reputation and this asset acquisition of (DSUS) will only enhance our commitment to our over 4,000 clients. Further the Private Capital Group's financial backing will allow Corporate Sales Leads (CSL) to maintain and gain more market share with this fixed pricing strategy, weather 100 names or 100,000 names in each directory the price is always the same, this is great for new bees in the financial and recruiting fields,” said Mike Wilson, Managing Director of (CSL).

About Corporate Sales Leads

Corporate Sales Leads is the leading provider of the most current employee phone directories available, and prides it's relationships with a network of Staffing firms, Researchers, and Stockbrokers who have teamed together through Corporate Sales Leads to share and trade the valuable resource of corporate directories. Bringing the individuals you need to know directly to your phone. CSL supplies the most complete contact information for today's' leading companies; most corporate employee phone directories detail the names, direct dials, and department of each employee. In addition, many detail the job titles, e-mail addresses, and even the home phone numbers of their employees. With direct dial numbers to the individual's desk, and no 'gate keepers'. CSL offers the absolute best way to get in touch with the people you need to drive your business. CSL offers the best alternative to the traditional recruiting methods of today by giving you the information that cuts out hours of research and endless dead end phone calls. Purchase only the lists that you need . With no required membership fees, you pay only for the information that you want when you want it.

The testimonials we receive each day tell us over and over why we are held in such high regard. This makes you feel good everyday, as you know you're helping people achieve their personal goals. We are also very honored to be featured in both FORBES and BUSINESS WEEK magazines, referred to as the “HEADHUNTERS' SECRET WEAPON” We are also very proud and thankful of the recent capital infusion by (PCG) to allow us be the most effective in providing the best information to our client's, “said Mike Wilson, Managing Director of Corporate Sales Leads (CSL)

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