I have worked with CSL for 4 years and the tools that they have provided us have been crucial to our Company’s success. Our Productivity has continued to grow and flourish throughout this economic downturn. Thanks for all you help and guidance.

From Rich C. Stock Broker, CA

Hi Mike. Thanks for all your efforts to get me on board, it all worked… I’m a believer!

From Jeff M. Staffing/Placement, IL

Ross, thank you very much and thank you for the tremendous service that I always receive when I talk with you. The recent Verizon Directory I bought from you was unbelievable, I rolled 11 accounts you just helped me pay for my Son’s college… Attached is the trade I promised you, good luck this directory, worked great for me, I opened 3 new accounts from my cold callers.

From Todd K. Stock Broker, NJ

I have worked with the folks at CSL for quite a few years and the tools you have provided us have been crucial to our Company’s success. Our productivity has continued to flourish throughout this economic downturn. Thanks a lot for your help, knowledge and guidance. Do you have the new Amgen in? If so send it and charge my card. Aloha

From Rick G. Staffing/Placement, HI

Jonah, I wanted to thank you for the great list… About 90% of all new accounts that are coming in are a direct result of your list….. Sincerely Tony.

From Tony C. Stock Broker, CA

“I closed 1.1 million dollar account from the CSL Novartis Directory.”

From David H. Stock Broker, NYC

Many thanks to Corporate Sales Leads for the boost you have given our business. A few years ago, I began working with CSL to expand our firm’s grasp of industries we serve. To date, the experience has been extremely productive and rewarding thanks to the quality products and services you deliver.

Succeeding in executive search and recruiting requires a combination of many factors, both tangible and intangible. Many of us consider ourselves to be technicians, while others rely primarily on building networks and relationships. But, wherever you fit in the spectrum, new and fresh contacts in select businesses and industries are essential. CSL in this respect adds muscle to the recruiting power of a small firm like ours and significantly increases the scope and depth of a larger firm. Your sources and lists provide information on key players, as well as general employee populations, from a wide range of industries and widely sought companies.

Most importantly, CSL handles each and every client inquiry and request with urgency (as is often the case in a search!) and delivers online or overnight. Your product knowledge is invaluable because it helps us purchase only those lists and directories, which meet our needs at competitive, fair pricing. CSL’s include many more contacts and geographic areas than the competitors who charge higher prices for less information.

Bottom line is CSL delivers the information we need. Your wide selection of leads and directories, even your older ones are great. When we call a directory and find some age to it, this allows us to better profile the perspective candidate and better understand what financial needs there will be. I would highly recommend that recruiters and other sales professional try CSL just once, and they’ll be making the contacts they need ahead of the competition!

From Judy G. Staffing/Placement, CT

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